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San Antonio Custom Home Builders are in a housing market unique to its own. San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. San Antonio is constantly becoming more diverse and its culture is ever-expanding and is a top tourist destination not only in the U.S. but also the world. It is experiencing a boom in commercial growth, attracting large companies. These amazing qualities are bringing people from all over the world to live in this wonderfully unique city.


Whether they’re planning to set up their lives in San Antonio or expand their horizons in a city they’ve called home for years, every unique family is dreaming of a home that makes them safe and happy. The dream for so many is that they’re able to build their own custom home in San Antonio. Bayless Custom Homes San Antonio will help make your custom home a reality.

San Antonio Custom Home Builders

Clint has years of experience as a San Antonio Custom Home Builders and has built an array of custom home styles, from the Mediterranean, South Texas ranch, modern, contemporary, french country, farmhouse, and so many more. He is always open to new types of homes and plans. He is extremely adaptable because of his deep knowledge of the industry. He has worked his way up from building the homes with his own hands, to owning and managing a successful custom home business in Tyler and in San Antonio. The only way to do that is to impress customers with quality custom home building. Clients continue to call to call him for custom work and custom homes because he knows what he’s doing, he’s honest, and he’s dependable. His goal in business is to deliver the highest quality and build custom homes to people who will see his ability and integrity.

Clint often sees and hears concerns from clients who have had negative experiences with San Antonio Custom Home Builders. They either were not upfront about the money or the work, or they were not readily available during the long process of building a custom home. Clients like that have come to Bayless Custom Homes in the middle of a project asking for the quality work and good communication they know he can deliver. At the end of those projects, the response has been humbling. Clients in San Antonio who had to call Clint mid-project say they couldn’t have done it without Bayless Custom Homes. They mentioned how thorough and honest he was from the very beginning, hiding no information about what the cost would be like or what the experience would be like to build a custom home. They mentioned something very rare to see in home builders: one who prints out invoices and sends them to the client weekly so the client knows where the money is going. They say that made them the most comfortable, knowing that their money was being spent wisely, knowingly, and most importantly not being wasted. Clients constantly compliment Bayless Custom Homes on availability. Clint always says building a custom home is like becoming family with someone for that amount of time. The dream and vision become one and what comes out is pride on both ends for a job well done. Clint is talking to clients all day every day. They feel comfortable to call or text with any question knowing he will respond and be there if he needs to be. He makes sure to put clients first and truly makes each one feel like they are the only client he has.

San Antonio Custom Home Builders

San Antonio Custom Home Builders

Making each client feel like they are the only one is no easy balancing task. Bayless Custom Homes has such quality work that thankfully, the company is always busy with multiple projects. Even in San Antonio where Bayless Custom Homes started its newest branch, the reputation of hard work is spreading. Many jobs are from word of mouth because clients are pleased with the outcome of their custom home projects. It’s a difficult task to stay on schedule, make sure the costs are correct, making sure all subcontractors are doing their jobs, making sure they get paid correctly, adjusting each project in its many moving pieces when clients change their minds or make additions. The process can seem grueling from the outside looking in but during the process, clients tell Bayless Custom Homes they felt much less overwhelmed than they thought they would be and they say that’s because the company is so good with people.

The truth is, Bayless Custom Homes employees are customers in the market too. They’ve built their own homes and been through the process themselves. They’re able to put themselves in the shoes of their clients because they have truly been there and understand what is difficult and frustrating about the process. They take those experiences so many people, including themselves, have had and they apply it to the process they use for each custom home whether in Tyler of San Antonio. How would I want this to be handled? How would I want to be included or addressed? It’s an important part of being a business owner, a manager, and a part of a community.

San Antonio Custom Home Builders

San Antonio Custom Home Builders

Bayless Custom Homes, wherever it opens a branch, becomes part of that community. Someone from the family lives and thrives in that community and loves being there. San Antonio has become an important piece of what the company is, what it is influenced by, and what wonderful people it comes in contact with.

Bayless Custom homes moved to San Antonio from Tyler Texas to share its quality with another great city. It has been operating in Tyler, building custom homes, additions, commercial buildings and more for over 35 years. The value and quality of the work they do is the reason they are always voted best home builders every single year by the local community. They will countless annual Houzz awards for both works in Tyler and in San Antonio. Clint Bayless is now a Builder’s Magazine Top 40 Builder Under 40, showing the skill that has already come at such a young age. He has been working by his father’s side since he was 12, building homes and learning about every single part of the industry from framing a house to architecture to working with clients. Gary Bayless carried the company for decades and couldn’t wait to pass the business along to his son who without pressure, developed a love for building luxury homes and watching the happiness clients felt when they saw a finished product. Even at a very young age, he felt pride for what he did. Both Gary and Clint Bayless are known for being extremely friendly and relatable and often become close friends with those they build for. A Mediterranean home on the Bayless Custom Homes website belongs to a family who loved the Bayless family so much and appreciated their work that they are still in touch years later. Many people who see the website point out that home as one they want to model theirs after. Gary and Clint believe the close relationship formed while building that custom home made the outcome even better. The connection and relationship with the client are imperative when building a custom home.

Once Clint proposed to his soon to be wife, he decided to fulfill his longtime dream of expanding Bayless Custom Homes to San Antonio. Leaving a branch that was so successful to start another was a big leap of faith, but everyone who knows Gary and Clint knew it would work out, and it did. Within just months of moving to San Antonio Clint was doing custom work for clients who loved and appreciated his persona and abilities.

It is so important to have that in a custom home builder. There can be so many worries for the customer. The sheer nerves about spending a hefty amount of money on something you haven’t seen yet is a scary thought. You are putting all your trust into one company, one custom home builder, and so it is vital to find someone trustworthy. Bayless Custom Homes San Antonio has proven that over and over again. There is also the stress of designing everything in the home. Many people don’t realize how many little intricacies go into building a whole house from the roof, to floors to cabinets to light fixtures, to room sizes to electrical setups, to sewage systems, to patio, deck or even pool planning. The need for someone who knows the process and knows how to navigate all those little jobs becomes increasingly noticeable. When building custom homes you need to have someone on your side who will be honest with you about what each thing will cost, how to make things cheaper, and how to set up plans so it works for your vision. It’s hard to plan everything, trying not to make mistakes, but really great custom home builders know how to make that much more simple. They know what to do what not to do and what to look out for so there are not any problems with the custom home once it’s been finished. Unfortunately, that happens. Sometimes people move into homes where builders cut corners or tried to use cheaper materials and there are immediate issues, whether is fixtures cracking or falling apart, leaking from plumbing because of set up, or structural problems during rain. It absolutely works it to pay a little more for the quality products and quality handy work so you don’t have to go back and fix things later. Going back and fixing things after the fact, is just far more expensive than doling out quality plans up front. Often times that is not the customer’s fault. A lot of builders want to get a job so they tell clients they can do things for very cheap and once they have the job they know it should really cost more to do it right. When corners are cut the above issues can arise.

When you do figure out an idea for a San Antonio Custom Home, the first step is location. Bayless Custom Homes has amazing realtors who help all their clients find lots in the perfect locations. Clint travels all over the South Texas region, building in every direction outside San Antonio and of course many custom home projects inside the city. Once you find a lot you think you like, Clint will meet you out there and actually walk the lot with you, explaining what’s unique about the land and how each part would affect the building process. For example, finding a flatter lot will cost much less because lots of hills, slopes or even cliff sides will need much more foundation work. He will tell clients that and on the spot can tell the differences in price, how much similar houses foundations cost and what he suggests. He always makes sure he knows the client’s budget so he can help them make decisions that keep them within budget. Building a custom home has to be an enjoyable experience and stressing out about money during that process takes the fun out of it. Knowing what materials and services and labor are going to cost for each part of the project from the very beginning is what makes the experience unique and helpful. Bayless Custom Homes does that. From walking the lot to talking about plans to the actual building process Bayless Custom Homes makes sure each and every client is always in the know and understands what is going on with the project that will eventually be their home.

People who build custom homes in beautiful and growing communities like San Antonio are expecting to start a new chapter of their life by creating their own version of a perfect dream home. It’s how people show personality, uniqueness, and style. A custom home builder is capable of creating an extension of that want and need for clients. The work of many seems ordinary because it happens everywhere but a true builder views his or her work as if it’s art.

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