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Building a custom home in San Antonio, Texas can be a daunting task. There are so many builders to choose from, so many lots to choose from; it can be overwhelming to most but Bayless Custom Homes is here to make you feel at ease and let you know you made the right decision in choosing a custom home builder in San Antonio.

Being a truly custom home builder in San Antonio you have all the options you have ever dreamed of, from making the decision to have your kitchen on the left side of the house or the master bedroom on the second story of the home we are there with you give you exactly what you want and at the same time voicing our opinions with you. Unlike most home builders we don’t make you choose from our floor plans, we start from scratch and design the home with your wants and needs in mind.

Planning your Custom Home

If you already have your new custom home plans through another architect, that’s ok too! We can work with any architect from anywhere in the country. So having your plans already can be a good thing and can fast track the start of your new custom home. Bayless Custom Homes can also recommend architects for you to work with when designing your new custom home as well. Choosing the style of your new custom home in San Antonio can also be fun! What home have you seen that you love the most? What house did you see in a magazine and think “I would love to live there someday?” These thoughts and ideas can all come to life with your new plans.

Some subdivisions in and around San Antonio, Tx may also have HOA restrictions for you new custom homes. Such as masonry on all four sides and this just means the exterior has to be either stucco or stone on all four sides of the house. Some San Antonio subdivision may not have restrictions at all. So choosing the right subdivision for your style of home is another key essential while choosing lots.

Finding a Lot to Build On

Finding a lot to build your new custom home in San Antonio and the hill country can be pretty tricky. Since we are in the hill county of Texas, there are going to be a lot of sloped and steeped graded lots to choose from. Your new custom home will be less expensive if you choose the right lot. Choosing the right lot is all about careful planning and trying to get the flattest lot you can find, in the location that you prefer. Having a flat lot for your new custom home in San Antonio can save you substantial amounts of money throughout the building process. The steeper the lot is, the more money you will spend on foundation and the foundation is a key part of your new custom home.

Finding the Right Lender
Bayless Custom Homes can also help you find the right lender for your new custom home. We have a few banks that we work with and prefer, but if you already have a bank that you love, you’re more than welcome to get your interim construction loan through them.