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Luxury Home Builder in San Antonio

Are you looking for a Luxury Home Builder? Maybe you’ve already built a luxury home and ended up not liking a few things, like the size of the master closet or the size of the laundry room. Maybe you bought a luxury home from a builder, and you had problems that you never dreamed of and just want to get out.

Bayless Custom Homes is San Antonio’s premier luxury home builder. Our client satisfaction rate is through the roof and not only is the satisfaction rate very high but we also build strong relationships throughout the years with our clients. Building your luxury custom home is a very tedious and time-consuming process both for the luxury home builder and the client. The attention to detail that is required is astounding, and you need a luxury home builder that has that keen attention to detail. Luxury home building is exactly what it says, a luxury. Your new luxury home will come with all the bells and whistles you can ever imagine and ever wanted. After-all you will be spending millions of dollars on your new luxury home, Bayless Custom Homes wants everything to be perfect in your new home!

Full Service San Antonio Luxury Home Builder

Your Luxury Home Builder San Antonio

A quality luxury home builder can give you all of this detail and more, throughout the entire home building process. A luxury home is one that is seen in magazines, on HGTV or online on your favorite Pinterest board. Luxury home building can cost a significantly more amount of money versus building a nicer custom home.

Bayless Custom Homes, being a luxury home builder, can make sure that we have set enough budget to give you all the amenities you desire. Your home may be equipped with a large walk-in shower with 4 or 5 shower heads, you may have a huge walk-in closet around one thousand sure feet with jewelry boxes and mirrors, you could have a giant grotto pool with a swim-up bar, AND you could have all of these fine amenities! All these amenities do come at a higher price point than just regular pools or closets but we know this is what you want and that’s what Bayless Custom Homes is going to give you.

The discussions from the beginning of our first talks are just as important as the talks we will have throughout building your luxury home and just as important as the final touches and punch list phase of building your luxury home.

We Listen to Our Clients Wants and Needs

The keyword is listening, and a lot of luxury home builders don’t tend to do that as well as Bayless Custom Homes. Not only do we listen to every word you say but we are constantly writing and taking notes, wether it’s on our iPhones or our tablets, we are always listening to every word you say and every detail that you want. Listening to a client that is building a luxury home is one of the most important parts of building the home. Bayless Custom homes take great pride in listening to all your wants and needs.

Quality is the Key to a Great Luxury Home

In all cases of luxury home building, quality is the key to success and prices. Luxury home building will be all of the top quality products and materials. The best framing wood, the best metal framing package, the best travertine tiles, the best plumbing faucets and the best electrical faucets that money can buy. Being a luxury home builder and building the finest luxury custom homes we know where to get all of these products and more.

Finding the finest products can even have us looking in Italy to find your perfect tile that you have always wanted in your home. It can have us looking in Greece for the perfect columns you’ve always loved looking at and getting those materials shipped over to us and then installed in your new luxury home.

Quality of materials plays a huge part in building your luxury home. This is where a lot of the expense comes in because most of the labor to install a floor is essentially the same as if it were engineered hardwood. The most difficult task as a luxury home builder is to find the best quality products which you have chosen through either a designer or you have picked yourself.

We Employ Quality Sub-Contractors

Not only does the quality of material matter but the quality of the installation and build matter just as much. The sub contractors that we have are top notch and are always careful to install any product in the best way possible because they know we will be there watching them make sure it happens correctly! Quality sub contractors are essential to luxury home building, these men and women are the ones who are building your dreams and future, so the effort they put in and the effort you will see far surpasses the average.